President's Welcome


“Pine Technical and Community College is better positioned to meet student needs than ever before.  We have never had so many student support services, scholarships, or learning spaces throughout our building.  This perfect combination of opportunities and resources is why more students starting out or starting over are choosing Pine Technical and Community College.”  - Joe Mulford, President

No Limits

What a ride we have all been on! The start of 2020 has brought great changes to our college.  With all these amazing challenges and successes we feel there are no limits to what is possible and what we can do to help students.  If asked months ago whether we could have so quickly moved the student experience online by integrating technology, you would not have believed it to be possible.   Yet at Pine, we did it!   And now there is even greater excitement to be back in person, delivering courses in our newly remodeled building, with increased programming.  There are no limits to the things that are possible for students.   

Increasing the higher education attainment rate in our region by helping all who are either starting out or starting over is our top priority.  The Pine legacy of student commitment is a special one and we continue to maintain our focus on the success of each student and their educational journey.  We are excited to be back in our newly remodeled building doing this work to remove all limits to student success.

I invite you to come see for yourself and find out why people are making the choice to realize their dreams at Pine. 

All the best,


Joseph L. Mulford


Pine Technical and Community College  

President Joe Mulford