Equity and Inclusion




Equity and Inclusion at Pine Technical & Community College

With each semester, the Pine Technical & Community College student body becomes increasingly diverse, and the College remains committed to capitalizing on the multiple strengths its students bring to campus. Diversity. equity and inclusion are essential to educational excellence, and the administration and faculty are committed to ensuring the needs of a diverse student body and growing, diverse community are supported at Pine Technical & Community College.

Differences such as gender, racial and ethnic background, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and physical ability are assets that contribute to learning. Students learn and benefit from exposure to classmates from different countries, of different cultures and with different perspectives. Much like the workplace of today benefits from maintaining a diverse workforce, the classroom benefits from a more diverse student population.

Pine Technical & Community College’s continued success illustrates the power of individuality and the combined strength generated from all unique capabilities, experiences and points of view. The Equity and Inclusion Committee and the College will continue to build an inclusive environment where all contributors are valued and all differences are utilized to the advantage of the whole to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, student development and local and global community engagement.

Pine Technical & Community College is an equal opportunity employer and employs individuals based on job-related qualifications regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age or other protected characteristics.

Equity and Inclusion Committee

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Executive Summary 2019-2020
Executive Summary 2018-2019

The Equity and Inclusion Committee convenes monthly to review data, plan initiatives, and become further trained to be equity minded practitioners. They are currently in the 2020-2023 planning cycle.  The committee members create recommendations of specific goals and objectives to be included in the campus’ plan for equity and inclusion.

  • Adam Bezdicek, Librarian
  • Amy Kruse, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Brigett Hippen, Student Support Services Specialist
  • Denine Rood, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Denise Nelson, General Maintenance/Worker Facilities
  • Jami Kritzeck, Adult Basic Education
  • Janis Wegner, Campus Finance and Information Officer
  • Jen Rancour, Recruitment & Admissions specialist
  • Kathy Krier, ASL Faculty
  • Kelly Darwin, Child Care Aware
  • Kierstan Peck, Student Success Team
  • Robin Johnson, Student Success Coordinator, Committee Chair

Pine Technical and Community College is known for innovation and contributions to strengthen communities; we make college possible for those starting out or starting over. Whether a student seeks a career program, new skills or general education transferable to another college or community, Pine Technical & Community College is an excellent choice.

PTCC Vision

In addition to our mission statement, Pine Technical and Community College also has the a vision that in 2027, the people of East Central Minnesota will first turn to Pine Technical & Community College when they want career education, new skills or general education. More than 1200 FYE will be enrolled in programs; more than 4000 will benefit from training experiences; and the region will enjoy a dynamic, vibrant cultural resource. The heart of the college will be in up-to-date, technology-driven facilities, complemented by satellite sites and online capabilities.

Inclusion Vision and Values

DIVERSITY is the combined strength of the abilities, cultures/ethnicities, experiences, genders, religions, beliefs and talents each of us brings to Pine Technical & Community College. The concept of diversity is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

INCLUSION embraces all dimensions of the human experience, from our differences to our similarities, and creates a climate where all feel valued and appreciated, where there is substantive interaction among all.

Pine Technical and Community College has the following statements of Value: