Clinical Procedures I

Credits: 5

Prerequisite: ENGL 1276 College Composition, BIOL 1240 Health and Disease in the Human Body and HPPC 1002 Medical Terminology Co-Requisite: MEDA 1101 Administrative Procedures I, MEDA 1301 Laboratory Procedures I

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of medical assisting in a variety of ambulatory care settings. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Medical Assistant role which include: obtain and record a patient history, obtain vital signs, appropriate and accurate documentation, prepare for and assist with patient examinations, assist with procedures and minor office surgeries and perform sterilization techniques. During this course, the student will follow medical and surgical asepsis and microbial control.  Basic information about common disease conditions affecting body systems will be covered in this course. Causes, signs, symptoms of the disease will be presented as well as diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, and preventative measures.

Transfer Curriculum Goal(s): none