New Program: Emergency Medical Services Professional

New Program: Emergency Medical Services Professional

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Emergency Medical Services Training Now offered at Pine Technical & Community College


People’s lives often depend on the fast and thoughtful actions made my EMT’s on-the-job. The work of an EMT can be strenuous and stressful, sometimes assisting with life or death situations.

Starting spring semester, in January 2019, students will learn how to respond to emergency situations and provide emergency medical assistance through: assessing a patient’s condition, vital signs and course of treatment; providing first aid or life support care to sick or injured patients; transporting patients to a nearby facility for continued triage and care; medical charting and reporting of observations and treatments to transferring physicians, nurses, or other medical personal; and collaboration with police and firefighters to provide the best care to those in emergency situations.

The course will be taught by John Singh, who has an extensive background in emergency medicine and over 11 years of experience in the field. He comes to us with experience from the healthcare sector, higher education, and he is also the owner of a carpentry business.

The students will attend courses on campus and will also get to experience real world training with a fully stocked ambulance, which was donated by PTCC Foundation donor and partner FirstLight Health System, one of instructor John Singh’s former employers.

PTCC is proud to offer its EMT students, who otherwise would not be able to afford the expenses of college, the Access to Success Scholarship which will cover any remaining tuition and fees after the student’s Federal Pell Grant and MN State Grant have been applied to the student’s account.  Additionally, this scholarship offers up to a $1,000 stipend for books, tools and supplies at PTCC. Click here to learn more about this scholarship opportunity.

For those considering a career as an EMT, there is a high demand for employment across the state of Minnesota. The average pay for EMT’s, in 2017, was $40,640, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By the year 2026, the field is projected to grow by 15% or an increase of 37,400 workers. This is a much larger rate than the average occupation, which grows at 7%. Students may also continue their education to become a Paramedic, Advanced EMT, Medical Assistant, or pursue degrees in the nursing field.

Please contact PTCC Recruitment and Admissions Specialist, Bill Asmus, who assists with enrolling all prospective health science students, if you have any questions regarding our newest program offering. Click here to find more information about this program offering.

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