PTCC American Sign Language Student Recieves Renewable $20,000 Scholarship to St. Kates

PTCC American Sign Language Student Recieves Renewable $20,000 Scholarship to St. Kates

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Natasha Petschke has never lived in any other community other than Pine City where she was born and raised.  After graduating from Pine City High School, Natasha joined us at Pine Technical and Community College (PTCC) where she started her education to become a Medical Assistant. Realizing medical assisting was not her calling, Natasha found herself seeking a new degree: American Sign Language coupled with Associate of Arts.

With a love for the language and the education she received in healthcare, Natasha knew she had found her niche, and she wanted to work in a field where she could help others. Beyond her experiences at PTCC, Natasha will be expanding on her passion and will be continuing her education as an interpreter at St. Kates University where she has received a $20,000 scholarship that is renewable each semester! On top of that, Natasha’s mentor and PTCC instructor Kathy Krier (St. Kates alumni) has referred Natasha to receive an additional renewable scholarship for $600 each semester, for the first year.

Natasha is excited for a fresh start where she can make new friends and have new experiences outside of Pine City. She is excited to immerse herself into the deaf culture offered by St. Kate’s program guidelines. All instruction for interpreting at St. Kates is taught by the deaf, and dorm life will consist of roommates who are encouraged to sign outside of the classroom as a main form of communication. Natasha is glad that class sizes will not be too different from what she is used to while attending PTCC.

Natasha is appreciative of the experiences she had at PTCC and of her instructor, Kathy. She stated, “It will be hard to say goodbye to Kathy. She makes learning fun and is always there to listen. She believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.” “All the instructors at PTCC are very caring and helpful.” Along with her instructors, Natasha is thankful for her advisors and our student success team which has helped her with academic and non-academic support services. “PTCC is a small campus, close to my home, and it gave me the opportunity to explore,” stated Natasha.

Natasha hopes to get her Master’s degree so that she can become an instructor like her mentor Kathy. While this is not definite, Natasha is also interested in obtaining an interpreting career in the medical field or courtroom.

Congratulations, Natasha! We look forward to your success. Best of luck to you on your future endeavors at St. Kates.

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