The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Frandsen Family Foundation Extends Free College Offer to 2019 Braham Seniors

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The Dennis Frandsen Family Foundation has announced a unique scholarship offer to the 2019 seniors of Braham, Minnesota High School. This offer of two years of FREE college tuition and a $1000 stipend to attend Pine Technical and Community College (Pine) will save students thousands in college expenses.  Braham joins 2019 seniors from Rush City, Minnesota and Luck, Wisconsin in this amazing opportunity.

The Frandsen Family Foundation’s hope is that students will gain crucially needed skills for employment through the personalized educational experience found at Pine or transfer to a university after completing their studies at Pine.

Pine’s President Joe Mulford stated “Dennis Frandsen continues to invest in the future of our region and the lives of those starting out. This gift to Braham will surely make the difference on the student’s decision to attend college. The staff and faculty at Pine are here to help these students succeed.”  

The Frandsen Family Foundation’s donation is, indeed, the gift that keeps on giving. Pine staff and faculty are thankful for this opportunity to help student’s better their futures.

For more information or to apply online, please find this scholarship on the official Pine website:

Frandsen Foundation and Braham Photo (L-R): Ken Gagner, Braham Schools Superintendent; Amanda Tessmer, Braham Schools Counselor; Ilene Olson, Frandsen Family Foundation; Bruce Holmgren, Frandsen Family Foundation; Dennis Frandsen, Frandsen Family Foundation; Joe Mulford, Pine Technical and Community College President; Shawn Kuhnke, Braham Schools High School Principal

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