Department of Transportation (DOT) Emergency Medical Services Instructor Course




EMS educator  





The DOT EMS Instructor Course is based off of the DOT/NHTSA 2002 National Guidelines for Education of EMS instructors. This course represents the didactic component and practical application of the beginning process to be an EMS Instructor. 

Goals of the course include: 

  • To assist participants in achieving entry-level instructional skills base off of the DOT/NHTSA 2002 Guidelines for Educating the EMS Instructor. 
  • To provide tools and resources to participants who want to instruct EMS curriculum.
  • To provide foundational inforamiton in basic instructional process.
  • To provide opportunities for networking and interpersonal growth. 

Additional Course Information:
Students need to come to class with a 10-15 minute presentation ready to share with the class and instructor. Your presentation can be a Live Lecture, Hands-on or a PowerPoint Presentation. If you plan on a presentation, please save it on a flash drive or to the cloud where you can easily retrieve it the day of class. The presentation can be on any subject as long as it covers the following: 

1. The presentation must engage the audience. 
2. You must interact with your audience during the presentation.
3. Clear and concise delivery of your chosen subject matter is a must. 

This course is 1-day only beginning at 8am. It will wrap up when all goals are complete by the instructor and when every student has finished their prepared presentation. 

Dates: Saturday June 25, 2022

Cost: $120.00