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What is Live Online?

Minnesota State's customized training is offering Live Online (formerly +Connect), a series of 8-week training courses led by live instructors via mediated telepresence. This technology provides participants with the sense of being present in a classroom with the instructor and other students without ever having to leave their job site. Employees can train right at their company, making Live Online ideal for incumbent workers and those in apprenticeships or dual-training programs.

The advanced manufacturing core courses offered through Live Online align with the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician credential, so upon completion, participants can receive a nationally-recognized credential. These courses are also the first step and can be applied toward earning an academic certificate, diploma, or degree in advanced manufacturing at participating colleges.

Additional in-demand training courses will be available upon request.

What are the benefits of Live Online?

  • Delivers affordable, Instructor-led, high-quality training
  • Ability to connect from any location, including the job site
  • Convenient 8-week courses that run two hours per week
  • Provides the opportunity to train current employees to meet the skills gap
  • Offers courses that lead to academic and industry-related credentials
  • Courses combine participants from a number of companies, allowing more flexibility and a variety of trainings to directly meet employer needs
    • Safety Awareness (CMAE 1514) - 2 credits
    • Manufacturing Processes and Production (CMAE 1518) - 2 credits
    • Quality Practices (CMAE 1522) - 2 credits
    • Maintenance Awareness (CMAE 1526) - 2 credits
    • Technical Math (CMAE 1502) - 3 credits
    • Print Reading (CMAE 1510) - 2 credits
    • Career Success Skills (CMAE 1528) - 1 credit
  • Competitive pricing for all other training courses
  • Hands-on assistance to set up the telepresence system at your facility
  • Support for participants provided by a dedicated Live Online advisor

 What are the benefits of the MSSC Certified Production Technician credential?

  • Raises the level of performance of production workers
  • Helps employers ensure their workforce increases the company's productivity and competitiveness

What is Industrial Maintenance Technician (IMT) Apprenticeship?

Grant monies are available to pay for 75% of books and materials for IMT Apprenticeships.

Companies complete a brief enrollment form for the 18-month or 3,000-hour apprenticeship program and track training hours for participants. Once the on-the-job training (2,736 hours) and related classroom instruction (264 hours) are complete participants receive a Journeyperson card from the Department of Labor.

Refund Policy – Refunds will only be given if the student/company cancels or transfers registration no less than 3 business days prior to the class start date. After that, the student/company incurs all charges without refund.

Textbooks – Additional purchase of a textbook may be required. For more details, ask your college representative for the Live Online Textbooks and Course Materials list.

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For more information contact: Dawn Sandberg at (320)629-5184 or


Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Threat Awareness


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Do you know what to do if you hear shots fired in your workplace, store, school or restaurant? Do you know what to do if you come face-to-face with an armed gunman? Have you thought it through or will you just freeze? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FBI developed the: Run, Hide, Fight, Prevention methodology. This series covers each of these techniques along with active shooter case studies, tips on prevention for managers, teachers, students, building security risk assessments, timed employee or student drills, pepper spray, fire extinguisher outdoor practice drills, barricade building and improvised weapons training. All experts agree that preparedness training saves lives! On-site drills, videos, small group discussions and paired preparedness drills can be conducted during the classes. Hands on demonstrations of close contact Non-lethal weapons (safety cats, expandable batons, pepper spray, strobe flashlights, electronic stun guns, quick clot, etc.) and resources for further first aid supplies and information will be provided.

NOTE: This training Does Not involve the use of firearms or lethal weapons


Partner Spotlight: Wyoming Machine, Inc.


It’s no secret that technical college customized training is a life-saver for manufacturers. What you may not know is that Lori Tapani and Traci Tapani, Co-Presidents of Wyoming Machine, helped make that happen in Central Minnesota. Now they and their employees—are reaping the benefits.

For 21 years, Lori and Traci have worked closely with Pine Technical and Community College in Central Minnesota. Because WMI hires many carefully selected low-skilled workers and promotes them, training is vital. Ten years ago, a consortium of five manufacturers including Wyoming Machine, began brainstorming how they could collaborate to train workers for technical and managerial jobs.

The consortium helped write a grant. According to Lori, “We shared what types of training we needed and how it could be accomplished via the ITV (Internet Television) system. We also made a commitment to match the grant funds ‘in kind’ by paying employees during work time to take the classes.” Lori added that when Pine Technical and Community College received the grant, the companies offered input for training needs. Pine Technical & Community College chose courses most helpful for the majority of the companies. After the initial roll-out, individual companies could request specific classes and either pay for them, or share costs with other companies needing the same classes.

Customized training brings classes to worksites via ITV. WMI employees take Pine Technical & Community College classes at work and can gain college credits and/or a certificate. Employees enrolled love that there’s no commute to school. In fact, even textbooks and materials are sent to WMI. It’s a true turn-key program. Classes are offered all four quarters. Subjects range from print reading, auditing, quality, safety, maintenance, and manufacturing processes, to managing and much more. Best of all, courses apply directly to work. According to Dani Guy, a parts finisher at WMI who is taking a manufacturing process class, “You learn things you’d learn on the floor—but before you deal with it. I love the classes. I use the skills every day.”

In fact, approximately 25 employees at WMI have taken the classes. Adam Peterson, the production manager, facilitates the program. He sees a real difference in those who enroll. “They’re more engaged and conscientious after taking classes. It’s nice to see the transformation. ”You can see that they take additional pride in their work after their additional learning.”

Traci sees the difference, too. “I think for low skilled employees, in addition to improving job knowledge and skills, it helps to build confidence. Many people are surprised to learn that they can be successful taking college courses. Additionally, the added training gives our newer employees some ‘street cred’ or respect from more seasoned sheet metal fabrication workers.”


Supervisory/Leadership Series


Please contact Dawn Sandberg for more information at or 320-629-5184. 


Corporate Retreat & Workshop Opportunity

Improving Face-to-Face Communication - How to Improve Oral Communication Skills

Improving face-to-face communication skills is a fast-paced 2-hour workshop designed for all business professionals interested in improving their overall oral communication skills.

Today’s forward thinking managers have discovered strong oral communication skills are essential to motivate, guide, encourage and coach their team members and make them want to win. Communication is a core skill for all business professionals. This innovative 2-hour fast-paced seminar is designed to teach managers powerful oral communication methods that can help to increase employee productivity and improve personal and professional growth.

Tablets, smartphones and computers have changed the way we all communicate with friends, family and co-workers. The use of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, texting etc. has, in many cases, replaced face-to-face communication. This fact could have a negative impact on how employees communicate with each other at all levels, and how employees communicate with their customers. In this seminar we take a “back to the basics” approach on how to listen to others, and talk to each other effectively, face-to-face. Effective communication skills are the foundation of any successful business. Improving employee communication skills at all levels strengthens that foundation, thus improving job performance, guest satisfaction and company profitability.

After attending the seminar, attendees will be able to:

  • Build confidence in their speaking skills
  • Communicate effectively under pressure
  • Learn how to listen effectively
  • Express their points clearly
  • Handle conflict effectively

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