Wireless printing available from your laptop


Go to,for installing the client and printing. 

The devices that connect this site must be on the Eduroam network 

Users will login into the client with their StarID and password. 

The prints jobs should  go to the "Mobility_Follow_Me" print queue and can be retrieved at any one of these printers using a card scanner or entering credentials on the keypad : ROOM-120-COPIER-KM, ROOM-122-COPIER-KM, ROOM-32-COPIER-KM, ROOM-47-COPIER-KM or ROOM-80-COPIER.

Click the above link

Click the downloadbutton


Click the downloaded file. (bottom left corner)


Click OK

Change the option and select the agreement

Click Next on this page

Enter your StarID and Password

Connect Finish